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iHelp: Classroom Jobs

I'm putting the finishing touches on my new classroom in the next two days.  I can't believe that students return on Thursday!  Where did the summer go?!?  I've been in over drive the past few days, and cranking out the details of my new digs.

I've gone back and forth on many things this summer {free time is the worst remedy for decision making!}  Above all else, I think I have struggled most with restructuring my classroom routines. Moving from first grade to third, I want to make sure that I don't over do it and treat my new 8-year-olds like 6-year-olds {that's a sure way to lose your whole class on the first day!}  Still, for my own sanity {and of course the success of my students} I need to create an orderly and structured classroom environment.

I went through quite a few of those routines this weekend and am feeling good about my choices.  A comprehensive post of classroom management strategies and structures will have to wait for a time that is not Back-to-School Week!  However, I will happily share with you one of my favorite creations of the weekend!

Here is my classroom jobs chart- iHelp

Using one of my gift cards and a coupon, I had it printed to a medium poster size at Staples (17.75" x 23.75")  It's dimensions can still be printed onto an 8.5 x 11, so if you have any ink left in your printer {because I sure don't after this weekend!} make sure to grab it!

Here is a breakdown of the jobs:

Assistant-  Let's be real!  I need someone to remind me to take attendance, to send the lunch order, to help our substitutes when I am out…etc.

Line Leader- Leads our line whenever we leave the classroom and sets a good example for how we behave in the halls. 

Schedule- My schedule has a moving arrow that helps us keep track of where we are in the day.  The schedule monitor is the only student allowed to move the arrow.  At the end of the day, they also help put up the schedule for the following day.

Check-In-  This is my version of attendance.  We do attendance on the computer now, but students still check themselves in on the door. The "Check-In" makes sure that everyone has put their name to "at school," and makes sure students move their name when they leave with other teachers.  At the end of the day, they move everyone's name to "at home."

Calendar-  They are responsible for setting up the calendar, whether it be switching the day, or perhaps setting up for a new month.  They keep track of how many days we have been in school and complete any other calendar related activities.

Tweeter-  We will be using Twitter in our classroom this year to connect with other classrooms across the country and globe {If you want to connect classrooms, let me know!}  The Tweeter is responsible for sending out our tweet at the end of the day to highlight something our class learned or experienced that day.  {I am also hoping that the character count will help students focus on punctuation and precision of language!}

Ask Me!-  It happens to all of us.  You're running a small group and the same three students keep interrupting you to ask questions you already answered before centers started!  "Ask Me!" is responsible for paying attention to the directions, repeating them back, and being the resource for students who need to ask questions {instead of me!}

Nurse-  I don't like the idea of students walking the halls alone, so I have a "nurse" that acts as a hallway buddy for students traveling to and from the nurse.  They can also accompany anyone going to the main office or anywhere else.

Time Check-  We use a Time Timer in my class, which is a great visual for students and for me!  "Time Check" is the only student allowed to touch the timers, and helps me keep track of the time!

Librarian-  This student is responsible for keeping our classroom library organized, but also to return books to our school library.

Paper Passer-  Any time I need to pass out papers, notices, or journals, this is the students that gets to help!

Cleaner- At the end of the -day, they wipe down the tables and help pick up the floor.

Recycle- They make sure take out the recycle every day and place it in the large bins.

Musician- We play music throughout the day in my classroom.  They are pre-selected songs that create calm and mellow environment {a post for another time!}  My musician is responsible for turning the music on and off throughout the day.

Messenger-  Any notes to the office, or other deliveries, this student will be the one making the trek.

Locator- We have a sign on our door that lists the places we could be if we are not in the classroom.  Our "Locator" is responsible for placing the marker to our new location before we leave.

I wish I only had don't have 16 students, so some of these jobs will be doubled up.  The best candidates for this are Cleaners, Librarians, Ask Me! and Paper Passers.

Establishing the expectation that, "we all live in this space, and we will take care of it together," is important!  How do you manage jobs in your classroom?


  1. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for sharing the document.

  2. hello, i am looking to do something like this for my fourth grade. Is there any way i can customize the icons, to make one for taking care of a class pet?

    Thank you,

    1. I am not sure! I wonder if you can search "Flat Social Media Icons" to see if there are any that seem like they would work for you.

  3. How do you display which student has which job?

    1. I put magnet stickers below each icon, and then used magnets with student names on them to allow me to rotate jobs.

  4. Hi ! I am doing a tech themed classroom and would love to join you on the twitter idea... how can I get in touch with you about this?

    1. Feel free to email me Karla! I'd love to hear from you!

  5. Wow, a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing! Would you recomend it to be useful for grades 6-8?

    Thank you!

  6. This is amazing. Did you make this using a document or did you literally cut and paste the icons and text?

    1. Hi Susan! I created this in Adobe Illustrator using vector images :) I kind of geek out over things like this! Thank you for stopping by!

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