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Classroom Reveal {The Before & Afters}

It's finally time for the big classroom reveal!  To provide some background, I moved from first grade to third this year at my own request.  I don't know how it never dawned on me, but I didn't realize that by moving grades, I would also have to move rooms.  When I was given the news that I was moving classrooms, I was both overwhelmed and excited.  When I was told WHICH room I was moving into, I was ONLY overwhelmed.

I was going to be moving into a veteran teacher's classroom who was retiring at the end of the year.  He had been teaching at our school for 35 years, and been in the current classroom for 30 of the 35 years.  I cannot say enough good things about this teacher.  He was child-centered, thoughtful, a wonderful role model, and spoke with a tone that was both gentle and commanded respect.  His students were always doing amazing projects and were actively seeking out knowledge, and ALL of the students that passed from my room to his LOVED him!  

He was also a MacGyver of sorts… He built his own shelves in the classroom, installed old kitchen cabinets above work areas for extra storage and built reading lofts over classroom bathrooms.  Duct tape and makeshift carpentry are not part of my decorative pallet however, so there was a lot to do to make my new classroom feel like home.

Here are some BEFORE & AFTER shots to give you a bit of an idea of what my summer was like.  Then… make sure to keep scrolling to check out the full CLASSROOM REVEAL!!!


I hope you enjoyed the tour and thank you for stopping by!

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