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Affixes and Root Word Sorts

I got back to the U.S. last night, so obviously I was ready to start crafting this morning!  I snatched up all of my gift cards to my favorite craft/teacher stores and let my imagination loose!  I have quite a few projects waiting for some finishing touches, but today I'm going to share my Affixes and Root Word Sorts for Made it Monday!

As I get ready to teach 3rd grade this year, I am quickly realizing how many little things I need to make to establish successful reading centers and math centers.  While walking through the isles of Michael's, I  stumbled upon some fiesta trays in the clearance section that screamed SORT ME!!!

If I had still been in 1st grade mode, my thoughts would have immediately gone to CVC words and isolating beginning, middle and end sounds.  However, my new 3rd grade brain though, "Hey, these would be perfect for my students learning to isolate and manipulate affixes and root words!"  There were 6 trays left, which is the perfect amount for a reading group or even enough to have two small centers at different levels.  

To brighten them up for the classroom, I scooted over a few isles to find some duct tape.  I would have done washy tape, but I have a feeling these are going to be regularly used and abused, and duct tape is more durable. I also grabbed a few chalkboard labels (which I found out through many mistakes, REALLY do wipe off with a wet paper towel!)

Here is what you will need to do this yourself:

And the final product…

What other uses can you think of for this item at different grade levels?  I'd love to hear it!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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