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5 Favorite Literacy Centers

Finding a format for your literacy centers can be a tricky task. It's important to have routine, but it should be individualized to meet your scheduling needs and the academic needs of your students.  For my classroom, I really wanted an "buffet" of options that I could choose from to best meet the needs of my students. Here are five of my favorite centers!

What student doesn't love stamping?  I love using this center to build sight word recognition as well as their ability to manipulate onset and rime (on the backside).  I always make sure to have a set of directions available at each center that uses BOTH WORDS & PICTURES.  You can grab the Short-A {FREEBIE} of this center over at my TpT Store


If you like it, make sure to grab the full 25-Week Bundle {HERE}!

Making Words is a great station that is naturally differentiated.  There is always a bonus word that uses all of the letters (above's bonus word was "STAGES"), but students are not always expected to find it.  Many students work on finding CVC words, manipulating the ending sound and vowel to make new words, or manipulating the beginning sound to create rhymes.  You can find it {HERE} at my TpT store or by clicking on the image below.

There are 25 weeks worth of this center on sale today and tomorrow… and don't worry!  There is an answer key so you don't have to spend time trying to figure them out! 

I use Word Work Packets to help students focus on our phonics pattern of the week.  In the image above, the student is working on distinguishing between the sounds of "Soft G" and "Hard G".  The packet starts off by asking students to look at the shapes words, which is especially helpful for my visual learners.

It also includes a Cut & Paste activity, which not only helps with spelling, but helps students develop their fine motor and spatial planning skills!

There is always a word search included at the end to provide a little incentive to complete the pages that come before.  You can check out the Short E {FREEBIE} of this center over at my TpT Store

If you like it, make sure to grab the full 25-Week Bundle {HERE} or by clicking on the image below!

I have also included the "Making Words" center from above in this bundle, so make sure that you don't go purchasing both!

Honestly, I was sick and tired of phonics poems that made absolutely NO SENSE!  You know the ones I'm talking about… and I'm sure your students don't get excited for them either!  So….

Last summer I wrote 30 original poems to go along with 25 different phonics patterns (and of course, they coincide with the other 25-Week products listed above!) We first read the poem together at the beginning of the week when I introduce our weekly phonics pattern. Then, it becomes a center!  Students have their individual copies, which they glue into their poetry journals. With a highlighter, they mark as many examples of the weekly phonics pattern they can find (I make sure to include A LOT!). They are allowed to create a colorful border that matches the theme of the poem. Finally, they are asked to re-read the poem to themselves or to a friend to build fluency. If they finish early, I always ask them to go through their previous poems and practice reading them aloud.

You can grab all 30 poems {HERE} or by clicking on the image below.  

Describe It is one of those great activities that helps you integrate science into your literacy centers.  Every week I put a different random object in our "Describe It Jar".  Students are asked to use different adjectives to describe the object.  I make sure to accompany this center with my "Describing Words Cube"

There are 5 categories of adjectives:  Texture, Color, Brightness, Shape and Size.  Each category has several adjectives listed below to help students organize their ideas,  familiarize themselves with new vocabulary, as well as assist them when they get stuck!

This center is part of my {Literacy Center Start-Up Kit!}  This product not only includes ALL OF THE OTHER PRODUCTS LISTED ABOVE, but it also includes:
  • ALL Organizational Materials (Center Labels in 3 different sizes for your work boards)
  • Word Wall Cards to go along with ALL 25 WEEKS
  • Printable Directions for EACH center (as seen in the photographs above)
  • MORE centers that I didn't have time to write about today!
It's a great bundle, packed with over 200 pages of activities with EVERYTHING you need to get your literacy centers up and running (and keep them running) for the whole year!

Happy Sunday, and that you for stopping by!

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