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Common Math Experiences

As much as I love math centers, sometimes it's nice to have a common group experience too!  The trick is finding activities that are naturally differentiated, and have multiple entry points.  This week, we tried an activity that integrated Social Studies and Math... even better!

Our class has been studying China for the past month or so, and we are nearing the end of our unit.  We have recently been looking at traditional Chinese folk tales, often comparing them to common folk tales learned in the United States.  Today we took a look at the story Two of Everything by Lily Toy Tong.    

This is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Haktak and a curious pot found in their garden.  They discover that it has the magical ability to double anything placed inside.  Their desire for riches goes horribly wrong and students love to laugh at the humorous complications.  

After reading this book, we took a look at doubling.  We created a class book using the FREEBIE below.  Each student created their own page for the book by both illustrating and writing their ideas.  I always enjoy watching students select their own level of challenge.  Students who need to be enriched take to doubling large quantities of coins or trading cards.  Meanwhile, my students who often need more support select sing digit objects to double in the pot and are able to understand the process of doubling through their illustrations.

Whether you are looking to introduce the doubling strategy, teach about folktales, or simply provide your students with a common experience, this book is a great jumping off point!  Enjoy!

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